Destroy, Remorse, Repeat

by Long Shot

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Our first six song EP. Recorded at Compass Audio. Mixed and mastered by Steve Perrino.


released October 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Long Shot Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: Groundskeeper
I was never convinced,
You just had me by the neck.
By the window waiting your ideals
To digest.
The welcome signs only
Beckoned my life.
Where a miscreant lies,
I owe no debt to your cries.

Consider these things,
I begged you for solace.
You welcomed my strings
So careless, not anxious.
If you’d stop searching
The rubble for treasure inside,
I wouldn’t be the ghost
Amongst your sight.

I sure hope that I’m sick
Because the root of my issue
Comes from being dependent

So why do i need your skin?
It’s a fallacy that’ll chew at me.
And everything you say
Is redundant and plungers
The meaning when it’s needed.
Track Name: Maybe Next Paycheck
I know I think a little better with the lights off.
Judge all appointments and forget the line you crossed.
I know it gets the best of me,
To falter with complexity, to side along an enemy,
And break me from an argument.
But I still see a call for lust, the stress to talk
And make it up.
But closure’s not your nature.

I can’t afford to be easy, write back or just leave me.
I’d hate to factor sympathy, forgive, forget is how I’ll be.
Pushing me to move all the aspects that you choke on.
I’m finally certain the end is as bad as the start.

How much longer can I keep this up?
And now I’m tripping through the hole I dug.
Why the hell do you expect so much?
Facade a smile then you throw my trust.

Along a sweep of your relief, I’d get concerned
If you can’t sleep. I realize you have trouble now,
So why the hell did you let go?
Track Name: Hourglass
I’ll remember the sun when the
Night steals my life. My patience
Grows deeper, my eyes strike me blind.
When resentment controls will you catch my fall?
When my plane gets shot down will you beg anymore?

My mistake, won’t you wait?
Forever and ever farewell
Life just ain’t fair, you call on yourself
To feel that you’re scared
You’re just a coward running for your life.
When will i find
Some comfort here?

A storm will inflame you,
It drives you mad.
A hundred rocks and stones
Weighing down my back.
If i go through the motions,
Again and again, will my feet
Break down and slowly meet their end?

Can you figure me out
I’m not quite sure if I even can.
When this table will break its legs
And stand on its own, well that’s ridiculous.
To think that happiness can crutch me
Worse than you even can,
Then i will stumble on through
Because i know that you can’t.
Track Name: Selfish
Well saturday’s gone
And sunday has me finished,
I’ve wrote pages and pages. God,
You’re smiles contagious.
Understand that I’m weak.
Please take my shoes cause my feet,
Have never felt so free.

While you were dancing I was singing,
I was living and breathing.
But you crossed a line,
Pretentious will and false strife.

We’re all born just a little bit selfish,
But my friends stuck behind me
Till I lost my breath.
We’re all born just a little bit empty,
But the space will be filled.
Cemented into my chest that I’m selfish.

Well mondays a drag and
Tuesday left me hanging.
Left my mind on the table, I won’t need it till later.
Cause I’m free, the rest of the week will wait impatiently.
In time you’ll see.
Track Name: Glower
What a way to be contradicting.
Too shallow, and gloat of what you stole
And what you broke.
And absence of concern
Is all I see anyway, I know you said
You’d never sway, but I can come to grips
That this could change.

So I’ll shoulder all the pain,
Defeat and fight again.
Will I ever get a break?
And get my head straight.
So where do I begin, you beg and you beget
A story that left us wrecked.

I never knew that I could
Hang on. To feel the wind embrace
My tongue and find the strength
Just to be strong.
But take it from me, you’re better lonely.
End the angst that I had foreseen
And taken a temper to our luck.
But you still deny that you fucked up!

To trust is sometimes to surrender,
The petals fell dead off your flower.
Malevolence you had devoured,
I used to grin and now I glower.
Track Name: The Simple You Asked For
There’s no place better to start when you argue.
Disheveled your placement brought from the issue,
But if we were subject to change,
I’d beg you to stay the same.
It’s often uncalled for,
The granite and sulfur,
The fire you asked for is left to the embers.

Destroy, remorse, repeat.
Anxiously thrive and flee.
Bottle up your grief and toss it off the dock
And out to sea.
Be safe, be wise
Between your face and eyes,
Envy every little breath
That put a burden on my chest.

It’s wasted, my placement.
My obvious nature you hated.
What you wanted was currency
But I gave it everything.
I gave you everything.

The simple you asked for,
Twisted and spiraled.
The sickness will grow and will thrive
On your threshold,
Anxiously paving away from the start
And taking you back to where you thought
You were done.
Writhed in the torment and struggled to bother,
A sense of security when I had none to offer.

Destroy, remorse, repeat.